Spring Break Announcements 4/14/2022

If you're going to a family event or party, it's a great time to take them. If they can't make it or live out of the area. Maybe they would consider a donation or buy a giveaway ticket. Every little bit helps.

He Is Risen!

Honestly, I am fearful. I worry that we have so many events that our message is not getting through. I fear that we will over-commit financially. I worry about planning our events and will not be ready or unable to do some of the things we want to do. I worry about not communicating enough. I worry about overcommunicating.

OP 292 Celebrates Another Year

I cannot believe another year has come to a close at OP 292. Parents - now is the time to celebrate! This is ust a reminder to come out and recognize the kids for all of their hard work this year. I sent home flyers a few weeks ago and the boys have been working … Continue reading OP 292 Celebrates Another Year